History of Pyjamas

India 18 th century
The very first pyjamas appeared in colonial India in the mid-18th century. For men only!
20th century: arrival on the American continent
Department store chain Sears Roebuck then sought to promote this new piece in its catalog as "a perfect piece for travel."
Coco Pyjamas
It wasn't until Coco Chanel that pyjamas were democratized. Renowned for her audacity and creativity, the seamsress and model turned heads with her adoption of "beach pyjamas" in 1918.
Pallazzo Pyjamas: cocktail attire
In 1960, Russian princess and fashion designer Irene Galitzine drew inspiration from pyjamas to design a new cocktail outfit. The name? The Palazzo Pyjama.
Pyjamas Aujourd'hui 
These days, pyjamas can be worn to the office, on vacation, and in everyday life. It's up to you!

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