Dare to be Oversized


The oversized jacket is an integral part of the men's but also women's dressing. More modern than ever, it is worn by all the most fashionable women. Today, La Jaquette offers 3 ways to wear the oversize jacket.

Oversized jacket Mathilde - Strasbourg Dark Khaki

Play with proportions! The combination of an oversized jacket and a closer-to-the-body piece ensures a modern look and silhouette. As summer approaches, let yourself be tempted by a skirt or shorts to accompany your oversized jacket to adapt it to the season and balance your silhouette.

Mathilde Villandry plaid jacket

Test the textures and patterns! A suit jacket doesn't have to be synonymous with classic and basic. Our oversized jackets are designed in a variety of fabrics such as wool, cotton, cashmere, etc. Play with textures to add dimension to your look.

Mathilde Oversize Jacket - Dark Blue Fontainebleau

Mix and match: Oversized jackets aren't just for neutrals like black or beige. Dare to be colorful by choosing pastel tones or bright colors and don't be afraid of "Mix&Match"; the summer trend that will bring color to the streets of Paris.


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