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  • Discover the Power of the Red Jacket

    If you're looking for a fresh new color, then Rouge is the perfect choice. Discover the elegance and power of our handmade clothing line designed in Paris and find your perfect look today. With its global following, Rouge offers an unforgettable fashion experience. 

    With the Rouge, discover why Parisian fashion has stood the test of time.


  • The quality know-how behind our Made in France jackets

    Discover the refined French craftsmanship of each piece of our Made in France jackets with their exquisite range of jackets made with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • The 4 trendy cashmere or wool coats to wear this season

    From casual winter looks to formal evening wear, a cashmere or wool coat offers the perfect solution for chic, inventive style.
  • Carla BRUNI: French elegance!

    Carla Bruni, is a French-Italian model and singer-songwriter. The icon of the late 90's and the beginning of the millennium perfectly embodies the French chic! Check out our favorite looks!
  • How Brigitte Bardot changed fashion in the 1960s

    Brigitte Bardot was a French actress and style icon in the 1960s. The "it-girl" embodied French chic. Her fashion included classic pieces such as trench coats and tailored suits. Today, we look at how she styled jackets as well as coats.
  • French Icon: Audrey Tautou

    The French actress, Audrey Tautou, is recognizable by her pixie haircut and her red lip. As in her beauty, her fashion has also been...
  • French Icon: Catherine Deneuve

    Today, we will continue our series of French icons, especially in jackets. Catherine Deneuve is a French muse of the fashion world.
  • History of coats

    The origin of coats: Single and double breasted cuts were considered clothing for workers and peasants in the...
  • French style icon: Jane Birkin

    Today we're going to highlight some of Jane Birkin's timeless looks. Birkin is known as a singer and style icon of the 60s/70s, and notably the muse and mistress of Serge Gainsbourg. 

    It exudes Parisian style with effortless flair and chic, as well as timelessness.

  • The meanings of the colors with La Jaquette

    Cach of us has our favorite colors, which we wear more often than others. But did you know thatach color has a hidden meaning and exerts its effects on an unconscious level? We suggest you discover some of the meanings.

    For almost a year now, La Jaquette has been offering you unique, trendy blazers. But do you know where the blazer comes from? Its origins? La Jaquette tells you everything today.
  • What we care about

    In addition to our annual donations, we donate 1 EUR per order to animal protection in France. With our small gesture we hope to improve the daily lives of our animal friends.